Douglas Fir or Noble Fir: Which One is The Ultimate Christmas Tree?

Understanding Christmas trees

Christmas trees have improved significantly in quality over the years. About five centuries ago, Germans were accredited with starting the Christmas tree tradition as we know it today. At the time, Christians decorated wood with evergreens and candles. They also decorated trees in their homes. This tradition gradually spread to the Christmas holiday. In the modern world, these trees have better quality and have become a cash crop like soybeans, grass, wheat, cotton.

The Pacific North West is the largest and finest growing area in the United States, especially Oregon (45,000 acres) and Washington (8000 acres). The region is the world’s largest producer of multiple varieties of pine and other less-known species. It is well known for its Grand fir, Noble fir, and Douglas fir. Other large scale growers in the US are California (138,800 trees) and Idaho (31,800 trees). The trees are growing scraggly and thin over the years. The Christmas trees in the Pacific West are planted row on row on farms that are in regions that have rugged terrain. The trees are panted on neat farms in rolling hills and flatlands. They are given intensive cultural care regardless of the planting system.

On average, out of the 15 million trees harvested by American growers in a year, More than 5.5 million come from the natural stands and farms in the Pacific Northwest. Christmas tree associations have invested each year significantly in research and development projects. Most tree growers are environmentalists. The Christmas tree holds soil to prevent loss of topsoil and erosion. An acre of Christmas trees produces oxygen requirement for 18 people daily. With over a million acres of Christmas trees in the United States, it translates to the production of oxygen enough for 18 million people. The harvest season is the busiest time of the year. Growers compete in marketing their trees.

In the Pacific Northwest, trees are transported in refrigerated vans to keep trees at the required temperature. Thousands of workers enter the fields to cut and haul mature trees to the staging area. Some large scale farmers use helicopters to fly freshly cut trees to the loading area. If you are looking for the perfect U-Cut Christmas Tree farm in Washougal this year, stop at Klopman Christmas Tree Farm today!